Get your domain name virtually FREE!
We are now including selected Premium Services at no additional cost for 1 year with qualified domain name registration/renewal.

Premium Services Available:

Domain Service (Parking/Redirect)

Want to use a free web hosting service with your domain name? You can now do this with our Domain Parking/Redirect service. Our Domain Parking/Redirect service allows you to redirect your domain name to any tedious URL like

There's no charge for changing the designated URL, and you can do this through our DNS manager easily at anytime.

Different Template settings are also available for Domain Parking (ie. Domain for sale, Under Construction, or Blank Page etc.).
Subdomains forwarding is also included. Subdomains are like having extra domain forwarding addresses. With subdomains you can setup "" to go to any web site you wish. For example, you may wish to setup a help center for your customers and have "" forwarded there. The "URL frame" option provides you with the ability to maintain your domain name (e.g., in the browser address window no matter what link a person clicks on within your Website, instead of the actual address (e.g.,

Protect your personal information with WHOIS Privacy!
Prevent SPAM, SCAMS, and identity theft!

Every time you register a domain name, your name, address and phone number are entered into a public database that can be viewed and used by anyone. This exposes your personal information to spammers, telemarketers and other undesired third parties.
There is a way to protect your personal information. Domain WHOIS Privacy service allows you to retain your domain name without having to expose your personal information to the public.

Here's how it works:

Your domain registration information, including the Administrative, Billing and Technical contacts are masked with generic information within public WHOIS databases. You still retain full ownership and control of your domain name.
Requests to view your domain's contact information are filtered and forwarded to you.
You decide whether to respond. Purchase WHOIS Privacy for your domain name(s) today, and protect your private information!

E-mail Service (POP3, WebMail, and SMTP)

Your name is your identity. Leverage it to the max with personalized email for you, your family, friends or associations.

Never again be forced to change your email address because you changed ISP's or your ISP changes it for you.
We are now offering POP3, WebMail, and SMTP E-mail services. You will receive one E-mail account with catch-all E-mail addresses so that you can capture all E-mail to your domain name.

Our email service allows you to send and receive advertisement-free messages using Mailboxes can be accessed securely from any computer, any place in the world.

You also get:

Flexible access to email using the a Web browser and popular programs like Microsoft Outlook and Qualcomm Eudora
10MB base storage with additional storage available
Ability to send and receive messages up to 10MB in size
Easy to use and understand interfaces for managing your messages
Memorable email address which doesn't need to be communicated when you change jobs or Internet Service Providers
Ability to remotely access email from other email accounts (i.e. Yahoo!)
Unlimited bandwidth
Optional Anti-virus protection which scans your ingoing and outgoing email to ensure your computer is virus-free (optional for additional cost, see below)
Optional IMAP access upgrade

Online Payment Processing ➱➱ Apply To Accept Online Payment Now

Want to market and sell your products and services? Our online payment processing help you to accept payment from your online store in minutes from your current web browser.

Feature Grid Credit/Debit Cards, eCheck, Apple Pay & PayPal Fraud Prevention Tools Recurring Billing & Customer Data Storage Website Trust Seal for your Site QuickBooks Integration
Standard Feature
Pricing For business in Canada and United States  
Per Month in USD $25 gateway fee 2.9% + 30 cents per transaction
One-time Setup in USD $49